Taking Flight - 212 Studio's work for Venture West Aviation


Our team was approached by Venture West with the goal of increasing their brand awareness and student enrollment rates through targeted social media marketing campaigns on Google and Instagram.


At the start of the project, we conducted a thorough analysis of the flight school's target audience, competitors, and social media presence. Based on our research, we developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that included the creation of engaging and informative content, targeted advertising campaigns, and regular social media updates.

Within just one month of implementing our strategy, we were able to help Venture West Aviation double their social media presence, while also achieving a cost per click averaging at $1.35 on their social ads. Our team created compelling social media assets and ads that resonated with Venture West's target audience, leading to increased student enrollment rates and overall brand recognition. We helped Venture West hit their first class enrollment goals and stayed way under budget for their target spend.

We are proud to have helped Venture West Aviation achieve their marketing goals and are excited to continue working with them to further enhance their online presence and grow their business.

Branding, Photography, Videography, Social Ads, Google Ads, Brand Awareness, Email Marketing
Venture West Aviation
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